my rosy-fingered dawn.

*Happy Pride, fam.

They said the bells would ring one day;

Crisp, thy morning spring.

Frost and bees with honey cream,

Such did the new year bring.

Don’t forget your Bonny coat,

For life won’t stop and wait.

The Sunrise brings such freshly tides,

For those who mind her gait.

Catch your breath and glimpse the Moon

Her shattered gaze in snakes.

Or is it but a Rabbit’s stew

Goat cheese, fine herbs, and Yeats?

A glass of wine, don’t look away

Tho desperate thirst abates.

For in thy deepest shallows loud,

All bleating lambs, we wake.

Forever shrewd, but feeling-full,

We stumble, then we fall,

But never doubt, just look about,

We’re here, It’s us, Stand tall!

For though they may have teased you so,

the better part is out.

And when you find that voice within,

Just fumble it about!

But never fear in being Queer,

And lying is no fun,

At least not when the rest of them,

They drop the ball and run!

So find your strength, your inner saint,

and teach that nun ’bout love,

For when we meet again each day,

Our song will rise above!

(They said the bells would ring one day.

You hear them now; don’t wait!

You’ve got a life to live ahead,

a free one, too, Be Great!)

Remember still, that in the end,

life's principles abide.

Have some fun, and come undone,

Then snuggle back inside.

Remember still, your Rite of Spring,

Forever free inside.

Share it, let your insight ring,

And fill the Streets with Pride!

Are rewarded here with Pride!

This is a coming out poem I wrote this morning in reflection all these years later of coming out when I was 19. I hope it rings true!


A response to Christian Mihai

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Before I dive into my response, check out this excerpt from the full piece:

-Christian Mihai

The full piece can be viewed here:

My response

I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I started reading this blog post. It’s only 1500 words, and you will probably question whether it’s worth reading once or twice while reading it, but you will hardly be aware that you’re questioning it until afterwards because there is a certain rhythm to the author’s writing. The writer, himself, directly references his belief that good writing has rhythm, and I would argue that he demonstrates this in his own piece. I would add that the author does a great job of self-editing, something he also addresses in the piece, given the resulting directness of his approach.

This blog-post is a bit long as far as blog-posts go, yet strong in impact and design. This directness is a breath of fresh air in a sea of peoples, including myself, trying to find their voices. I think this is part of the reason I started blogging. Thank you, Christian Mihai, whoever the f$#k you are, for finding power in your writing.

I am going to go out on a limb and argue right here, right now, without providing any evidence (which pretty much goes against everything I’m being taught as a PhD student), that finding authenticity in the expression of one’s own voice -and in this case the writer’s cadence- has the power to stir action in the reader.

I will continue to explore the ideas expressed in this piece, and if you can forgive me, I will take a moment here to address the author, himself, one more time:

Thank you, Christian Mihai. Without knowing much about you, I feel comfortable making an observation while offering you some compliments along the way. Your commitment to being authentic in your writing is palpable. I admire that. For what its worth, your writing had a strong enough impact on me to urge me to write and publish this response piece in the wee hours of the morning.

Christian Mihai: your commitment to being authentically you is… meaningful.

Check out Christian’s website: Being that I am writing this piece in response to his stirring blog post, I highly suggest reading it.

Gerry Sheahan, @gTronnArts

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